I have thought a lot about the psychologic rebounds that medical emergency has had over each of us, compelling everyone in the world to change his or her way of life, suffering difficulties and privations.

Some have lost points of reference, without a way out and unable, therefore, to find an alternative chance.
Never we’ve lived what it has happened in the last months.
We’ve lived our spaces as a reflection of ourselves and of our identities, that we’ve often regarded as broken and confused but aiming, however, to a clearer definition.
Our environment has been imaged like a jail; a shelter or a shell.

The project “Chrysalid” arises from the idea that the house was to be considered a kind of temporary place to rest and relax waiting better conditions of life. The house like a place preparing and encouraging a silent metamorphosis making us aware and helping to make stronger our wings.
The project arises from my personal need to tell little stories through photos and neutralize so many months, hard to live, where it has been unthinkable for me the simple idea to touch a camera.

Luckily that “click” is always inside me, ready to come out again, suddenly and unexpected.